Sunday, 28 November 2010


The day seems so long
When you know there's a wrong
That will take more to address
Than with words or a song

I'd swear the clock hands are stuck
Guess karma won't look
On me with sympathy
So it shouldn't after the liberties I took

So take aim, take fire
Shoot with all your desire
As I walk the good line
Pity I went first through the mire

So wrap up the words where they belong
Hush now man, don't sing that song
And hope above hopes
You get to right that wrong


You be my woman
I'll be your man
But if that doesn't fit
The mood, the day, the plan

Then I'll be your friend
Someone to share
Every moment, each breath
All your woes, and every care

Someone to talk to
Help lighten the load
Won't let you spend time
On a dark lonely road

And my arms will waiting
For you, open wide
When I can hold you, love you
Show you the best place to hide

Is with me, in me
Surrounded by love
You're the only one I want
It's you I always think of

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Autumn Glow

You may recall this verse from the #vlomo10 or click here and I'll read it for you

Sitting waiting
For his appointment to end
The knee damage to which
The physio will attend
I sit and I ponder
And then contemplate
As cars race past
On this short narrow straight
I wonder if they notice
How pretty it's here
With trees dropping leaves
Like they're shedding a tear
The colours surround me
So many to see
I have memories of this place
They make me happy
My phone's gonna ring now
I'd better go
But remember this picture
The pretty autumn glow