Monday, 17 January 2011


It was fun
Hope you enjoyed it too
Words in rhyme all the time
But now what am I to do?

Kind of veered off from what
I intended long ago
Got a little too much of me
In here, just so you know

I used to post the personal stuff
On another site
Didn't want to cause alarm
Upset or even fright

But I got kind of lost I feel
Let it all slip out
Now I feel rather silly
Of that there is no doubt

So I'm sad to say I'm closing 'Dropped'
This will be my last post
But I promise I'll still be around
Using Blogger as my host

Can't resist a verse or two
To tell what's on my mind
I'll still be here writing away
I can't be that hard to find

Won't follow you on the new one
But I'll still read you here
Please don't think I'm leaving you
I don't want to shed a tear.


...So long, and thanks for all the fish


Saturday, 25 December 2010

I'll not be here so much right now, gotta stop and wonder why. I turn to look at me and only see a person I despise

Sorry i hear all the time, for left and right always. But sorry won't erase the pain of oh so many days

So i'll shut myself away for now, you don't need this I'm sure. But don't think for one second that my love for you won't endure

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Don't know what I said
That made it go so wrong
Thought we sang the words
To our favourite song

Don't know what I did
So that anger filled you up
Though all I ever wanted
Was to be your winners cup

Now it's late, feel your hate
Or something close it seems
And so the night won't be alright
Torn at the very seams

For once I am quite stuck
No words spring to mind
That could ever make this better
Wonder what I'll find

When morning's here, will there be tears
No joy, only sorrow
Will you be here, i doubt I fear
There will be no 'morrow

Monday, 13 December 2010

Morning glow

On the road early
Journey to do
Darkness surrounds me
Beginning something new

Lights lead the way
As the cars rush on by
Drivers focused forward
Stars twinkling high

Roll in to the fog, lights ahead glow
Making it hard to keep up the flow
Blanketed, smothered, hard to see
Slip my foot off the gas, take it easy

And in the distance
An unearthly haze
From the horizon
Grabbing my gaze

As sun tries to peek
From out of the mist
Bright orange fireball
I couldn't have wished

For a prettier view, lighting the sky
Blinding my vision, squints from my eye
Sunburnt orange hue, filling my glare
Couldn't help but stare and stare

And I'm warmed up
By the light
Drawing me in
Eclipsing the night

And I'll drive on
Light in my heart
Beautiful vision
Day's gorgeous start

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wondering place

I feel a distance
We're far apart
I sense a gap
Between our hearts

I sit, I wonder
Tell me, what did I do
That so very greatly
Offended you

Say it now
And say it quick
Before another
Second hand doth tick

Before the chasm
Opens beyond repair
And I find you
No longer care

Don't leave me in
This wondering place
Thinking I might
Never see your face

Or have your eyes
Stare in to me
Without that
I simply cannot be

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Blogging from the Apple store
Typing on a MacBook Pro
My iPhone needs a little fix
And then I'm good to go

Hope they hurry, shops to see
And certain things to buy
Never explored here before
Ah, here comes my guy

Phone is trashed he says
Better have one brand new
Warranty's gone but don't worry
He says 'I think you're due'

New device in hand I say goodbye
With gratitude in my heart
Couldn't imagine me and iPhone
Ever being apart

With thanks to the guys at Apple, Touchwood

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Right turn

How did we reach this stop
I don't recall our route
It seems a great big mystery
One I can't uproot

And were is this we find ourselves?
What do they call this place?
Feels like a no-man's land
But where I see a friendly face

A twist, a turn, a thought, a yearn
Not before spoken aloud
A left, a right, and with all my might
Break away from the noisy crowd

I halt my motion, catch my breath
Survey what lies around
And wonder if we will proceed
Along this common ground

But I can't see where the path lies
Or where it leads us to
But know we can't stay always here
Stay here, just me and you

We're here, it's now, don't ask me how
It wasn't what I planned
Keep faith, hold tight, it'll be alright
Just come and take my hand