Sunday, 31 October 2010


Some fool I know decided
To pen a word or two
Fifty-thousand to be accurate
Till November's done and through

A story, book, or novel will
Flow from these fingers here
In only 30 days though
No doubt with cursing and a tear

Quantity not quality is what
Really counts this time
But can I sacrifice my love
Of words written out in rhyme?

I won't be able to review
The text I put on the page
Will have to leave it well alone
Mistakes may be all the rage

So if I'm a tad quiet here
Or tweeting less and less
I'll be writing out my story
And under great duress

So wish me some plain sailing
For luck is all I've got
So I'd better her leave here now
And go dream up the plot

If you feel the urge, join in at NaNoWriMo

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Where everybody knows your name.....

When I started tweeting
I hid myself away
Said little about the person
Simply called bj

My profile gave you nothing
On which to make a call
Seemed like I'd built a barrier
An impenetrable wall

Slowly, slowly over time
I let loose a burst or rant
Giving out some little details
Proving I was not so nonchalant

And people asked their questions
On who I was and why
Trying to get under my skin
Find out more about this guy

And apart from some relatives
(A brother and a wife)
None here knew me at all
From a previous life

But recently I found a few
That know me from before
I logged in to
And we still have rapport

I thought this would be weird
Uncomfortable or strange
I always wondered if I could
Adapt to this kind of change

But I'm reminded of a programme
I used to quite enjoy
The antics of a barkeep
And those he did employ

And words from that theme tune
Fit nicely in this frame
You know, it feels quite good
That they know my name

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Selfish is as selfish does
Selfish leads the way
Filling up thy very self
From dawn till end of day

Turn away that selfish soul
Lead not to hearth or home
Point the direction I must go
Where my selfish heart can roam

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Signal lost

Gonna write a little verse
As i have no words to say
Silence has taken hold of me
It's grip is strong today

Feel like I'm........
Tumbling, mumbling
Jumbling, fumbling
It's caught me on the hop
Stumbling, grumbling
Bumbling, not a thing
I can do to make it stop

Feel so.......
Shattered, battered
Not that it matters
Pummelled to the ground
Ripped up in tatters
Can't explain how it matters
To look up and find you around

I thought when I'd finished this
I'd feel a big release
But from the silence here today
I can find no peace

Friday, 15 October 2010


It's rare I remember a dream
Or a nightmare too
But I woke up this morning
Feeling strangely subdued

Had something hanging over me
Can't explain just why
Something unseen that wouldn't leave
And I had no right of reply

Can't shake the remnants left inside
No where that I can turn and hide
Don't want to be
Left alone with me
Knocked off my usually confidant stride

Wonder why the remnants remain
What unpleasantness do they contain
Wish they would
Be gone for good
Not bind me with their chain

I'll write my words now
In the hope that I'll forget
Or switch the polarity
On my internal magnet

Make me turn from negative
In to a positive force
Pray that these remnants
Have truly run their course

Sunday, 10 October 2010

History of me

Born in ninteen sixty eight
Number 5 in line
6 weeks early, there's a first
Won't get that all the time

School was uneventful
Or just may be I've forgotten
Some of the things I didn't like
The subjects all so rotten

Being rapped across the knuckles
For using my left hand
Thank you, lovely church school
Like how you understand

By my teens, I had my calling
The theatre was in my sight
Lights and set but mainly sound
Not entering stage right

And obnoxious was a term
My family applied to me
And there was me thinking I was ok
Just being happy-go-lucky

Studies done, employment called
Managing pubs in London town
Wandering the streets in Blackfriars
Sitting by the Thames so brown

Then back to old Birmingham
An office job, no less
Something I said I'd never do
Even under great duress

Eventually I settled
Working nine to five each day
And carved a niche for myself
And still found time to play

Then my first significant
Came wandering on the scene
Baby boy cuddled in her arms
Instant family, this was no dream

But it was obvious for several years
This wasn't meant to be
So back I went to London Town
To escape and just be me

But here entered the most significant
We met at my leaving do
Now 2 daugters born, 10 years on
We're held with that family glue

And that is me, is all I am
No different to twenty years ago
Still wonder so many things
Don't think I'll ever know
What I am or what I want
I just tumble through the day
Taking those I love with me
Don't know any other way

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Darkness diary

Long, cold night
Only hardness beneath
Testing my bones
My resolve and belief

Chills fill the night air
And all that's inside
Find nooks and find crannies
Where memories hide

And slumbering simply
Evades every stretch, every yawn
Knowing quite possibly
That everything's torn

The minutes grind slowly
There's no shred of doubt
The dark and the coldness
Will be really dragged out

What will dawn bring here
Other than wet of the dew
With no warmth from your heart
Darkness continues

For Reg.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Transitional Man

He's your guy you know
Gets you from A to B
Takes you where ever you need
No drama, or calamity

He'll soak up every single drop
Of what you can dish out
Won't put him off his stride
Even if you scream and shout

He knows who he is
And who you are too
He's walking the line
You don't expect him to
He knows who you are
And just what you need
You'll turn to find him
Carrying out his creed

Man in transition
Stands before you now
Travelling your journey
Whatever furrow you plough
Holding your hand
You won't see his plan
But he'll forever be
Your transitional man

And when your journey's over
The man you no longer need
Will slink in to the background
Was he ever there, indeed?

Now your path is clearer
And can see for miles ahead
Your hand won't need holding
Won't need kicking out of bed

He knew who you were
And who you ought to be
He walked the long line
So that you too would see
Who you are now
And you're just what you need
And with your sojurn ended
You won't notice him recede
His job complete, done what he can
Turned the tide
The Transitional Man

But who really travels the journey
One or both of them must
May be he's the one in transition
Won't be still or gather some dust

Man in transition
Stands before you now
Travelling his journey
Whatever furrow you plough
Hold his hand
May be he has no plan
But he'll forever be
The transitional man