Monday, 17 January 2011


It was fun
Hope you enjoyed it too
Words in rhyme all the time
But now what am I to do?

Kind of veered off from what
I intended long ago
Got a little too much of me
In here, just so you know

I used to post the personal stuff
On another site
Didn't want to cause alarm
Upset or even fright

But I got kind of lost I feel
Let it all slip out
Now I feel rather silly
Of that there is no doubt

So I'm sad to say I'm closing 'Dropped'
This will be my last post
But I promise I'll still be around
Using Blogger as my host

Can't resist a verse or two
To tell what's on my mind
I'll still be here writing away
I can't be that hard to find

Won't follow you on the new one
But I'll still read you here
Please don't think I'm leaving you
I don't want to shed a tear.


...So long, and thanks for all the fish



  1. That's a shame. I enjoyed the poetry.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Spencer, much appreciated.

  3. Such a shame you're closing this one... don't worry, we'll hunt you down wherever you go ;)

  4. Don't be sad, the new one will, like you always knew me.

    Do you have horses and dogs in your hunt?