Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Fog

The fog that's outside
Matches the one in my head
I felt it as soon
As I jumped out of bed

The swirling, the whirling
No sound, little sight
It's much worse than normal
It gave me a fright

I blinked my eyes thrice
To clear it away
Not now please I beg you
I've one hell of a day

While it lingers outdoors
No urge to depart
I search my own feelings
My mind and my heart

To find out the reason
I'm so thick and so cloudy
It's not like I partied
Or was drunk or too rowdy

But no truth is forthcoming
I've no reason to see
Why I'm stuck in this mist
I just want to be me

I wish I could wish it
Just wish it away
And it be oh that simple
For that I would pray

But I know that it's with me
And for now it's to stay
Till I face up and front up
To what I've hididen away

Turn this way, turn that
Indecision's still there
And I can't turn away, no
Pretending not to care

And as breeze shifts it slowly
From out of my view
I know the right thing
Things that I must do

Take a stand, make a choice
Bring an end to the night
Suspend all the doubts
Walk straight in to the light

For it's all there within me
And that's nothing new
So take a deep breath now
And just believe in, you

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