Tuesday, 9 February 2010

When she's not there (for @markofrespect)

She leaves our home before me
But I know I'll return here first
They be no joy, no celebration
Through the door I will not burst

Because something will be missing
This place will have no cheer
My home will turn in to a house
For my loved one won't be here

I should invite the boys round
For a session through the night
But all the chaps bravdo is
For me, empty delight

And I'll stay up late not wanting
To lie and count the sheep
For the last thing that is on my mind
Is an empty bed and sleep

And though fourteen days will creep by
We'll share a call or two
And I'll count down all the minutes
Till I can throw my arms round you

Then not a single moment
Of the time we were apart
Will matter for one second
For you never left my heart

And as I feel your warmth
And love envelope me
I won't remember the days I spent
Being sad and unhappy

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