Friday, 2 July 2010

The Address

An afternoon of nothing
House sitting, could be worse
Grateful it's given me the chance
To post this little verse

While I might give off a little shrug
Truth be told I'm not that fussed
Feeling a little strange today
I'm all a bit non-plussed

The surrounding are not helping
Been years since I was here alone
Feel odd, distant, like I intrude
In a place I once called home

It looks just as it always did
But there's a mystery to the air
I'm a stranger in a familiar place
To say 'I don't belong' seems fair

Even the cupboards seem to think so
As I rummage for a snack
The best food hides itself from me
Re-appearing when I turn my back

But time for me to leave now
My house sitting is complete
Wonder if those around
Will notice how quickly I retreat


  1. Pretty impressive - can't tell at all that it's come from an app.
    Can also relate to the feeling - must be very strange being on your own in the house.

  2. Come from an app? What does that mean? Anyway, hope you're going to contribute to the Dotterel Press anthology.

  3. I posted this piece from an app on my iPhone Tim - the kind that allows you to blog text from anywhere as long as you have a signal.

    And yes, I will definitely contribute to the anthology - really looking forward to it.