Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Hasta Luego

Clocking in for the very last time
But really I clocked out long ago
Dreaming of better places now
Not bound by their chains, you know

So I hope to visit sunnier climes
To smell and taste coffee
That's the thought that makes me tick
It's the only thing I can see

When stuck in a hot, hot room
With those that just don't understand
What the world could really look like
How it could be so very grand

Can't bear to hear their blinkered view
Won't step outside the box
The super highway that I'd build
Is filled with their road blocks

Some places here I know I'll miss
And some people too, indeed
But I know how and where to find them
When I feel the need

So I'll clock out from lovely Bolton
Laters, good night, god bless
Goodbye substantial, adios deficient
Hasta luego to the stress

Good luck Sir B


  1. That sounds so good to me - hasta luego to the stress... *sigh*

  2. It does indeed JulieB.

    I'd like to say this is related to how my circumstances have changed, but I penned this for a tweet-pal that left his job today through frustration at what it could have been, but they'd not let it be.

    It does bring it's on stress though, as you know from my earlier diary post. But wouldn't it be lovely to just chuck it in?