Monday, 13 December 2010

Morning glow

On the road early
Journey to do
Darkness surrounds me
Beginning something new

Lights lead the way
As the cars rush on by
Drivers focused forward
Stars twinkling high

Roll in to the fog, lights ahead glow
Making it hard to keep up the flow
Blanketed, smothered, hard to see
Slip my foot off the gas, take it easy

And in the distance
An unearthly haze
From the horizon
Grabbing my gaze

As sun tries to peek
From out of the mist
Bright orange fireball
I couldn't have wished

For a prettier view, lighting the sky
Blinding my vision, squints from my eye
Sunburnt orange hue, filling my glare
Couldn't help but stare and stare

And I'm warmed up
By the light
Drawing me in
Eclipsing the night

And I'll drive on
Light in my heart
Beautiful vision
Day's gorgeous start

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