Sunday, 5 December 2010

Right turn

How did we reach this stop
I don't recall our route
It seems a great big mystery
One I can't uproot

And were is this we find ourselves?
What do they call this place?
Feels like a no-man's land
But where I see a friendly face

A twist, a turn, a thought, a yearn
Not before spoken aloud
A left, a right, and with all my might
Break away from the noisy crowd

I halt my motion, catch my breath
Survey what lies around
And wonder if we will proceed
Along this common ground

But I can't see where the path lies
Or where it leads us to
But know we can't stay always here
Stay here, just me and you

We're here, it's now, don't ask me how
It wasn't what I planned
Keep faith, hold tight, it'll be alright
Just come and take my hand

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