Tuesday, 8 June 2010

iPod frame of mind

Turn on the iPod
Which title grabs my eye
What tunes are calling me
Click on shuffle, don't know why

You know I can't decide
If I dictate the mood I'm in
Or it's what the machine picks
As the hard drive starts to spin

Does it read my mind
I think it really can
Knowing just what to choose
To make me a better man

Calm me when I'm pacing
Speed me up when I'm too slow
Steady my course when it's askew
Getting me in to the flow

And it's never ever failed me
Not once have I hit skip
If finds the very sounds I need
Without a single blip

And when I'm off and mooding
Or need some time to think
Plug myself in to the headphones
To get me back in sync


  1. I am probably one of the few people that does not possess an iPod (I know, I know - practically medieval) OH used to have one, but gave it to his mother when her nagging got too much. The strange thing is that I love music, and we always have some on - really is time to update our tech I think.

  2. Thanks JulieB

    I had mine for when blasting out tunes wasn't quite appropriate, and found it essential in the office for zoning out all the background noise so I could concentrate on wonderful number-crunching.

    I doubt I could ever be without it now. Seems a sad thing to admit to.