Saturday, 5 June 2010

Science - neither weird nor otherwise

We promised ourselves and the kids a museum day when the weather dictated time indoors. We lined up the Natural History, Science and the Victoria & Albert for one day.

The weather people were not to let us down with their prediction for the 1st of June. Thick grey coulds blanketed the sky and rain began in earnest from about 6am. We made the short hop to Slough to grab the rather expensive train in to Paddington.

Some of our group are not the best of travellers and things occasionally get a touch tense. This trip proved no difference and our rather relaxed air gets trashed. But once arrived in London proper and 5-stop tube run to South Kensington completed, we took the long but thankfully dry subway to the Museums as the contented air returned. The Science Museum would prove to be our only stop that day.

Usual arrival visits completed, we headed for the top of the building to work our way down.

The little ones were not overly enamoured with the floors covering medicine, and we raced a litle round there. It was when we reached the third floor with Launchpad that they got to interact and explore. The were lots of things to see, touch, test, but the rather big crowds made it slightly difficult. It wasn't long before the tannoy announced a show called "Crash, Bang, Wallop" was about to start so we headed off to see and hear some explosions.

The show startted with smallish explosions and built up all the way to firing Barbie out of a cannon, much to the sheer delight of all the young boys in the room, and to quite a few of the dads. I did cheer. The kids enjoyed this show, and once the 20 minutes or so was done, we headed back out to play some more before heading for the big-boys toys. Aeroplanes and engines.

The vast array and sheer size of the engines and planes on display brought an enormous grin to my face. Little un quickly grabbed the camera and snapped her way round the room. My mind boggled at the different layout of cylinders on show. Wow.

 I'm always amazed by the size of planes and the sheer effort the engines must go through to lift them to the heavens.  We wandered for quite a while looking, musing, climbing in to cockpits to see what the pilots from yesteryear faced. 

We wandered the other floors, conscious that the day was rapidly coming to an end, and we'd still not made it to the other museums. There was, in truth, far too much to see and do in one day, highlighted by the The Secret Life of the Home exhibition that we found our way to in the basement. The kids really loved testing and playing with things of yesteryear, and the adults laughed at how we used some of them as children.

With time creeping on, we made our way back to the stations to head back to Slough for the 4-wheeled transport to whisk us back to Ham Island.

A lovely day, not spoilt at all by the weather. And the Science Museum is somewhere we will have to return to.

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