Sunday, 10 October 2010

History of me

Born in ninteen sixty eight
Number 5 in line
6 weeks early, there's a first
Won't get that all the time

School was uneventful
Or just may be I've forgotten
Some of the things I didn't like
The subjects all so rotten

Being rapped across the knuckles
For using my left hand
Thank you, lovely church school
Like how you understand

By my teens, I had my calling
The theatre was in my sight
Lights and set but mainly sound
Not entering stage right

And obnoxious was a term
My family applied to me
And there was me thinking I was ok
Just being happy-go-lucky

Studies done, employment called
Managing pubs in London town
Wandering the streets in Blackfriars
Sitting by the Thames so brown

Then back to old Birmingham
An office job, no less
Something I said I'd never do
Even under great duress

Eventually I settled
Working nine to five each day
And carved a niche for myself
And still found time to play

Then my first significant
Came wandering on the scene
Baby boy cuddled in her arms
Instant family, this was no dream

But it was obvious for several years
This wasn't meant to be
So back I went to London Town
To escape and just be me

But here entered the most significant
We met at my leaving do
Now 2 daugters born, 10 years on
We're held with that family glue

And that is me, is all I am
No different to twenty years ago
Still wonder so many things
Don't think I'll ever know
What I am or what I want
I just tumble through the day
Taking those I love with me
Don't know any other way


  1. Is it time to wish you happy returns?

  2. Not quite, JulieB. If memory serves, it can be said to me four days before I say it to you.