Sunday, 31 October 2010


Some fool I know decided
To pen a word or two
Fifty-thousand to be accurate
Till November's done and through

A story, book, or novel will
Flow from these fingers here
In only 30 days though
No doubt with cursing and a tear

Quantity not quality is what
Really counts this time
But can I sacrifice my love
Of words written out in rhyme?

I won't be able to review
The text I put on the page
Will have to leave it well alone
Mistakes may be all the rage

So if I'm a tad quiet here
Or tweeting less and less
I'll be writing out my story
And under great duress

So wish me some plain sailing
For luck is all I've got
So I'd better her leave here now
And go dream up the plot

If you feel the urge, join in at NaNoWriMo