Monday, 8 March 2010

Lay-by Lament

You’re my friend in the mornings

Come hail, come shine or rain

You’re there for me, no question

When I’m smiling or in pain.

You read me like a book, you know

You know just what I need

I trust you more than words can tell

Every single thing you say I heed

The trucks roll on beside me

The ground beneath me shakes

My insides are already jelly

My head it really aches

Composure just deserts me

Feel so lost and so alone

Please, lay-by talk to me

Don’t leave me on my own

And the silence is uplifting

My heart it starts to slow

You say “the answers are within you”

I know, I know, I know

And as my confidence returns

I feel like me, like I should

You said everything and nothing

Just like I knew you would

I come here just to gather

My thoughts, myself, my me

This is simply my time-out time

Where things become clear, I see

I’ll fire up the engine quickly

Drive away, now I’m happy

Thank you, my pretty lay-by

See you in the morning, may be

Not about, but for, @Duffs1

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