Monday, 1 March 2010

Love is..

Mentioning vows last night got me thinking about the ones I made almost 10 years ago now.

Apart from the Registrar's greeting and the odd bit of add-libbing from him, every word any of us said during the ceremony were written by me.  Not a big or difficult thing I know. But my vows are a personal thing to me, say it like you mean it and all that.  So I wrote the vows, the readings and everything else.  And it's one of the readings that I'd like to share with you. 

You know the classic Corinthians clanging cymbal, describing what life's like without love? Well this is my take on what it's like with love.  My younger brother did a great job of reading it on the day.

"I come to you to talk of love
And describe it's many ways
For love's a feeling and a passion
That will last throughout your days

It's out there, all around us
Yet somehow different to us all
But love is sure to find you one day
Be you short or be you tall.

Love is your first though
With the morning's early light
And it's Love's that lingers with you
When you close your eyes at night

When Love reaches out to touch you
You wear a smile that's wide
And when Love walks along beside you
Your head's held high with pride

And love can lift you higher
When you're down and feeling blue
And Love's the hand you're holding
As I read these words to you

But if my words have failed to tell you
About Love, what can I say?
But think for just one moment
For what has brought you here today?"

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