Friday, 23 April 2010


I don't feel like talking
Have no words to say
That I want anyone to hear
Not forever, just today

I don't feel like speaking
As I won't make any sense
I'll offer nothing in return
There'll be no recompense

A wordless day
Though it's not my way
Just empty deep inside
Won't be easy for you
When all I'll do
Is disappear and hide

Life is a two way street
An open book, a swinging door
But tired of it all now
Can't let you in, don't want anymore

I find myself restless
It all feels so very wrong
Like I can't recall the words
To my favourite song

A world away
Not a normal day
Any smile is belied
Thinking of you
What can I do 
To find my missing pride

I know I can't stop the hinges
From letting you through
I'll hold you off, just for a while
But will be glad when you finally do

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