Tuesday, 13 April 2010

One Eye Open

It’s 4am, I should be sleeping
But lying next to me
Is a little itchy five year-old
For whom I feel so sorry

Her eczema drives her crazy
Especially at night
She’ll scratch and tear and rip her skin
Not a pretty sight

So while she tries to sleep here
Till the break of day
I’ll keep one eye open
To make sure that she’s ok

And through the night she’ll search
For the warmth that I emit
And throw a leg or an arm at me
Sometimes it scares a little bit

And she insists on kicking off
All the covers from the bed
Time and time and time again
I just smile and shake my head

But when morning is accompanied
By her pretty smiley face
I’ll forget the terrible night we had
As we share a litttle embrace

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