Friday, 2 April 2010

Tweet unanswered

An innocent question turned in to quite a morbid tweet exchange between a few people at the start of March regarding losing friends on twitter.  This centred around having tweets and even Direct Messages (DM’s) go unanswered, leaving you wondering where the receipient was.  As seperated as we are from each other by both location and information, this is a real possibility, and raises the big question “What has happened to them?”

Within a couple of hours I’d started a note on my iphone, ready to document the thoughts that were running through me. What would happen if someone disappeared, simply deleted their account or even died?  How would I know?  How would I ever find out?  How would I ever make contact with them, if I could?

You see, the thing that’s so different now is that people can become friends, and very close friends via mediums like Twitter. You might know their name, roughly where they live.  You could know so many things about them, their habits, likes and dislikes without ever having met them or heard their voice on the phone. It’s like pen-pals but of the instant variety, but with pen pals you at least had a location to start any search. I left the notes I had input on the keypad on the phone and the thoughts went to the back of my mind.

A couple of days ago a friend had an unpleasant dream around this issue, which got me thinking again.  For me, the not knowing would be the worst thing.  If scanning newspaper and online articles gave out nothing, I might never know what had happened to my friend. I could think of nothing worse. I’d want to be there for them, help them. To be a friend and not be there in times of need? I could think of nothing worse. Isn’t that what being a friend is all about?  It is to me, and how could I ever describe myself as someone’s friend if I wasn’t there when they needed a hand, support or just a hug.  As ever, I leave you with my thoughts in verse form on missing my friend.
Tweet Unanswered

You talk to me, I talk to you
There’s love for you inside my soul
I look forward to the time we share
But I’m nervous now, can’t control
The feelings that wash over me
When there’s no response from you
There’s just no reply at all
Can’t find you don’t know what to do

You know I’ve watched the timeline
With such intent, and ferocity
I can’t see a reponse to our secret call
You’re not where you said you’d be
No number plate to find your car
No place that I can ever see
Where I could come and find you
Share some laughs, a smile, some tea

Now you’re missing, my only thought
Is to find you, hold you tight
Let you know you’re still in my thoughts and dreams
Every morning, every night
Cause I don’t think I can stand it
To watch my friend just disappear
My day is just so empty
Without you close without you near

I may have never heard your voice
Or the way you laugh out loud
But caling you my friend, my friend
Makes me truly proud
And there’s a gap in my heart now
That you’re no longer here
I’ll keep watching the timeline
And hope you hear my silent tear

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