Sunday, 23 May 2010

Picture Incomplete

Sitting in the May sunshine
Kids in the paddling pool
Makes me think of yesteryear
Back to my days at school

For one with a good memory
My childhood's shrounded in mist
I reminisce so very little
Recollection won't persist

I'm sure I'd know if it was bad
But may be not if it was good
You think I'd retain something
But only if I could

It makes me wonder why, you know
As I'm usually so quick
Retaining all the useless stuff
My friends think it's a trick

So have I blocked it all out?
And if I have, then why?
I have no answer to my questions
No matter how I try

Shall I just draw a line
And leave the past well alone
Don't go looking for trouble
Under each and every stone

But something's missing
There's a gap in history
I can't conclude the puzzle
I'm not able to complete me

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