Sunday, 30 May 2010


Things will be achanging here for the next few days.......

We're off to London for a few days to see the sights and have some half-term fun. I usually do a holiday blog when we're away, to record the adventures for the kids, and myself, and just run through the things that occupy my head when in a different place.

Now I normally post the holiday stuff here which includes a trip round the world in early 2009 and our summer adventures to France later that year. But for a change I'm gonna continue posting here, and may be throw in the odd verse - you know how I like my verses.

See you from London


  1. Wow, trip round the world - sounds amazing, am jealous. Have a great time in the big smoke, and yes, please keep us updated on all the fun you're having!

  2. It was, JulieB, it really was.

    Not blowing any trumpets here, but read the Round The World 2009 from the first post on - it was an incredible trip (not least because we won the NZ part of the journey) The people we met and the experiences we had will never leave us - so amazing.

    Day 1 almost readu to go - what a day.....