Thursday, 27 May 2010

Read on

You've been reading for some time you know
You must think I'm quite verbose
Rambling on day after day
Often seeming quite morose

But that is how I am sometimes
Especially when I write
I don't do fluffy with pen on page
In the darkness of the night

And the blackness continues at a pace
You must think I run too deep
"You think about things way too much"
"No surprise you never sleep"

And yes, I know, I know you're right
But the words just come from me
I don't set out to be all miserable
Not how I want to spend eternity

But I can't say that I'll be all fun
And that each post'll make you grin
But hope that you'll keep reading
And stay through thick and thin


And this isn't the follow up you were expecting, sorry.
That's called 'Transitional Man'


  1. Beautifully written - very poignant.

  2. Thank you JulieB

    One of those that started out not knowing where I was going. I do enjoy seeing what it looks like in the end though. Very strange process.