Thursday, 23 September 2010


People are the strangest thing
Bring so much to the day
I like people just like you
Can talk to in my own way

I don’t let many get too close
Very few that get so near
Don’t know why, just can’t explain
Not like some kind of fear

Some slip in quite easily
And we hit it off from the word go
And others take some nuturing
For our friendship to warm and grow

And it’s the growers that make me smile
And really fill my heart
The ones, like you, that somehow change
From how it first did start

And you can’t pin it down, can you
The moment it all changed
Not like there was careful planning
Not like it was all arranged

But I’m grateful that it has occurred
And we are just you and I
Closer, nearer, every day
I’ll not stop to question why