Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Waiting Room

Collected in one small place
Reasons the same
Breakages and fractures
And all in some pain

Tango lady laughs away
At no one I see
Daughter tidying mom's hair
Pretty as can be

Tattoo man grumbles
The wait is so long
Headmaster spouts rules
He's not changed his song

Dennis Haysbert, Nigel Slater
Grace us with their selves
Ageing receptionist
Lifts files from shelves

Waiting times keep creeping up
And sighs abound
The dusty old wall fan
Spins endlessly round

Carol Jackson glances over
And gives me a stare
I wonder how she managed
To escape from the square

Nurses struggle
With some unpronounceable names
Young man keeps busy
With Angry Bird games

Polite sign on the wall
Which nobody reads
Kind assistant takes orders
To meet everyone's needs

And we wait, wait, wait
Then wait a lot more
Feel sorry for my brother
His knee's really sore

Then the waiting is over
They give him his call
He struggles to his feet
Trying hard not to fall

And we're free of the boredom
Released from our cage
Leaving lots behind us
Still filled with outrage

For their waiting room drama
Carries on, they're unhappy
As crutches and plaster
Are handed out endlessly

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