Monday, 20 September 2010

Eyes Right

I see you all gathered there
As my gaze shifts to the right
You're ever present I know
Never far from my sight

But why are you here, yes why
What is it you're looking for?
Do you hope to gain an understanding
Or move closer to my door?

I narrow my focus, see just ones
That stand out from the whole group
Find the strange ones mixed up
In this merry troupe

I thought you'd left long ago dear
Forgot you came to call?
Hope you're not here to remind me
That from your grace I sure did fall?

And you sir, you've lingered for while
Do you see how the land lies?
Though we've said so few words
I see through your disguise

And you there, stop for a while
Stay for a moment, light in blue
Do you know that you're my favourite
Though I would never tell you

And all you so kind others
Are you just passing me by?
Will I wake one morning to find
You were just a glint in my eye

And even if you're not really here
I'll be glad, I'd like you to know
That you took the time one day
To stop by and say hello

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