Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Waiting Room: Part II

My feet are restless
I'm unsure of myself
Don't know if I'll be
Returned to my shelf

My words leave an echo
Something's not right
The ripples, the disturbance
Run on through the night

And I'm waiting, just waiting
Not a thing i can do
To speed up the process
Bring me closer to you

No words I can usefully
Add to those said before
Gestures feel empty
Nothing on which I can draw

To end all the waiting
Get a conclusion in place
Erase the confusion
That's ingrained on your face

That my words brought to you
My thoughts made it more
And brought us the waiting
That we both must endure

And I pray for release soon
Restlessness comes to it's end
Hope to look up and find that
You still are my friend

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