Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Summer's End

For nearly six longs weeks
We've shared every day
The little ones with me in tow
In work, in fun, in play

Fortune gave me this one chance
To stay through their summer break
At their side, and theirs at mine
From the moment that we wake

We rode the rides, slid the slides
Spinned around and round
Played tig and tag, zig and zag
Hid till we were found

But now our time is ending
And other things will come to call
Homework, violin, projects too
As summer turns to fall

I've loved every single minute of
This chance to be so near
Getting to know them so much more
Hope we don't lose this, is my fear

For the morning will be chaos
Tantrums, shouts, and screams
I'll try not to lose my patience so
I don't shatter any dreams

We'll walk through the gate together
Tomorrow at eight fifty
And the bell will ring out summer's end
Hope they don't cry as much as me

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